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Accidents of any kind can be disruptive not only to those who are directly involved, but to their families as well. If you have been in this situation or currently facing it, then you know that what you have to deal with is more than just the physical injury you acquire. You think about your work and how much wage you are losing while worrying about your medical care.

Our clients in Brampton, Ontario know the kind of dedication Sal Guzzo, LL. B. Professional Corporation brings to every case we handle. We always aim to obtain what our clients deserve – fair and reasonable compensation. Whether it requires a trial or a settlement, we only work towards achieving what is favourable for our clients.

As experts in the field of personal injury, we provide comprehensive and innovative solutions that are specifically tailored to our clients’ individual cases. We understand the difficulties that you are in. That is why we thoroughly review your case and assign it to the highly experienced lawyers we have in our team. We assure you that we will keep you informed throughout the whole legal process and seek your opinions and instructions before making any decisions.

We maintain a unique and professional relationship with each client, providing direct lawyer access, responding in a timely manner, and giving overall personalized care.

We maintain a unique and professional relationship with each client, providing direct lawyer access, responding in a timely manner, and giving overall personalized care.

Some of the cases we handle include the following:


It is unfortunate that some people who are injured in an accident cannot return to work in a matter of days due to disabilities. If you are facing a lengthy recovery period and you make regular payments to LTD or long-term disability insurers, then you are entitled to a timely and full compensation payment. If your insurer refuses or delays payment, we can successfully pursue and get you the payment you deserve right when you need it.


When a car or any other vehicle collides with another or hits a pedestrian, it is considered a motor vehicle accident. Hitting animals, road debris, trees, poles, and other stationary obstruction also falls under this category. Accidents like these may cause vehicle and property damages, injuries, and even deaths.

We all try to be responsible drivers and abide safety rules but accidents do happen sometimes. In fact, accidents happens thousands of times in a year. Some are because of automobile defects, distracted driving, drunk driving, speed, road environment, and many other reasons. Whether you are the cause or not, you could be injured and might not be able to return to work immediately. If that is so, we can guide you through the entire process and provide you with expert legal services.


Every pet owner is liable for the actions of their owned pet animals. However, there are some who even encourage pets to behave aggressively without thinking of the possible dangers it could bring to the people around them. More often than not, little children become the victims of animal attacks. It may be because they do not fully understand the potential dangers of some pets, or perhaps, they are still too young and small to defend themselves in such situations. Most of the time, the owner is fully responsible for the injuries caused by their pets. In the middle of your worries about your child, you might find it difficult to handle other matters. We can assist you with all your legal concerns and work hard to get you positive results, too.


Slip and fall is a type of tort case that is based on a claim that there is negligence on the part of the property’s owner. The accident can take place in a bank, department store, hotel, and other private and public buildings. You could have slipped, fell, or tripped because of some dangerous conditions. Among the probable causes are poor lighting, wet floors, presence of ice on the floor, and unsafe work conditions. In such case, the owner may be liable for your injuries.

It is important that after attending to your injuries, you speak only to authorities who come to the scene and not from people you do not know. More importantly, contact a reliable lawyer to represent you and discuss with you your rights and the steps you should take next. You can make a claim within three years, but you might lose necessary evidence when you wait too long. We can help you get the compensation that you deserve.

These are only some of the cases Sal Guzzo, LL. B. Professional Corporation Barristers & Solicitors handles for our clients in Brampton, Ontario. Our team of professional lawyers, as well as expert law clerks, paralegals and administrators can provide you with knowledge and support. But most of all, we can help you get the compensation that is rightfully yours.

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J. Sing

I just want you to know how much I appreciate all of the hard work Domenic Bianchi has done in battling with the Insurer. The Insurer has been very uncooperative.


M. Czernikiewicz

Thank you Sal, Thank you so much for helping me fight this long battle. Your guidance and support has meant so much to me. Your patience and taking time to answer my questions have been invaluable.


A. Volkener

I was a passenger in a vehicle i did not own when it was run off the road by a transport truck. Even though I suffered injuries from the vehicle hitting a rock wall, we were forced ...


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